Adobe GoLive CS Setup Instructions . . .

Adobe GoLive CS Support

Here's a Step-by-Step set of instructions on how to setup Adobe's GoLive CS to connect to your website.

These instructions were written with the assumption that this is the first time you have setup your HTML Editor to connect to your website.  If it is not, then the steps that we've outlined below might be slightly different.

Anyway, for you first-timers, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below and enter your FTP account information where necessary. Once complete, you will be able to start editing your website.

Step 1. Click on "Start” and then click on "All Programs" and then click on "Adobe GoLive". GoLive will open.

Step 2. Click on the "Edit" button at the top and select "Server" in the drop down.

Step 3. Click the "New" button to begin entering your connection info.

Step 4. Give your site a Nickname (I.E. My Site), and for the Protocol select "FTP".

Step 5. For the Server, enter your domain name without any www's (I.E. The Directory would normally be the domain name without any www's or .com (I.E. yoursite)

Step 6. Type in your Username and Password (remember to click the "Save" box next to the password). Also make sure to click the box next to FTP Option to "Use Passive Mode". You can now click OK.

Step 7. Open the website you have been working on. Under the "Publish Server" tab, right-click and choose "Settings".

Step 8. Click on the "Add" button under the Publish Server Category to add an FTP Server to this site.

Step 9. Select the FTP Server you created earlier and click "OK" (look for the "Nickname" of your site).

Step 10. Click "OK" again to close the settings. You will now see a "Disconnected" message. "Right-click" in the white area under the Publish Server tab and choose "Connect".

Step 11. You will now be connected to your FTP site. From here you can upload/download web files as needed for addition or modification.

You are all done! Now simply choose a file to edit from the list of files that appear on the left side of your screen.

If you run into problems, please click here to create a trouble ticket or call us at 1.888.932.8749 today.